Someday Is Not Ours


Someday is such a common phrase 

I say it all the time, do you?

Someday I want to join the gym

Have to get in shape, it’s true

Someday I’ll give my friend a call

I should visit her tomorrow

But, wait, I have to clean my house

One day won’t cause her sorrow

I’ll take my grandson for a walk

He loves to spend the time

Oh dear I cannot right now

We can go anytime

Someday we’ll wish we had not said

We’ll put it off for now

For we all know the real truth is

Today is ours not tomorrow.


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Infinite Beauty At Night


To gaze upon a star filled sky so infinite and bold

The stars abundantly shine for miles

Across the sky, a wonder to behold

So many nights we sit in awe, some nights we never see

The beauty of our mother earth surrounded by the glow

Billions of the planets as they circle you and me

We are a speck, a tiny spot in this wide universe

So awesome when you think of this

 So wondrous yet diverse

As I look up into that sky my thoughts go on and on

Just like the many stars out there

Can I stay here till the dawn.


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A Bountiful Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to one and all

So truly grateful am I

For being part of such a wonderful group

Of talented writers world-wide

My wish for you all is a simple one

Experience the joy in your heart

The kindness and love of this beautiful time

Is my only gift to impart.

I do wish you all the warmth I can send

If you are alone be kind to yourself, don’t be glum

We are all like a family,  please know you are loved

God Bless us everyone!



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A Calm Winter Stroll


In the light of the lamp-post I see the snow falling

So softly and steadily without a soundeb8c57ff1323e7d7634e2bffb1eb3d27

Such a beautiful night and a walker’s delight

As the snowflakes fall gently on the ground

So calm and so peaceful this winter scene

Can I wish for this every night

Christmas lights are aglow beneath the snow

And my mind is so pleased with this site

As I walk along in this sweet wonderland

My thoughts are so full of joy and peace

For just a short while as I so appreciate this earth

For just a short while all worries can cease.


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Relax, Company Is Coming


I remember so well the Christmases past when there was so much panic within me to have everything perfect.

I wanted the house perfect, the food perfect, the gifts ready, etc., etc.

Oh I realize I am not alone in this; so many people feel the same.

Now that I’m older and retired, my life has slowed down considerably.

I no longer rush around, because my body won’t let me!!  What gets done, gets done!

If I can pass anything on to the younger generations it is this;

Please don’t waste time worrying about having everything perfect.

Enjoy your children, your spouse, your home and the warmth and love of family members who come to your home at Christmastime.

They come to see you; not your house!  They come to enjoy the fun of being together; not perfect gift wrapping, perfect cookies, or a spotless house!

I wish all of you a very loving, safe, healthy and happy season.


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