Tricky Wave of Wings


Every Spring the people who live in Canada look forward to having many varieties of birds fly back home from their winter hiatus in the warmer areas down south in the U.S.

We are so excited to spot that first Robin, Cardinal or Bluejay in the tree and so excited to see the first dove or wild canary perched on our waiting bird feeder.  This is a true sign that Spring is finally here!

The opposite is true for the residents of many communities in Southern Ontario.

Every year without fail since the 1980’s and in the Autumn of the year, thousands upon thousands of crows descend on several communities in this region, looking for a warm place for the winter that offers an abundance of delicious food and a view of the river Thames that runs through many of these cities.


I had the opportunity to witness this event of nature when I was living in an apartment only a short distance from where so many of these amazingly adventurous creatures were nesting and enjoying their winter stay.

It was as though someone had yelled out to them or had been ringing a dinner bell because just as the sun was about to disappear here they would come flying into the city, filling the sky by the thousands.  During the daytime hours they would be scattered around out in the farm fields looking for bits of corn or soybeans left lying on the worked ground, but once that old sun was about to set, here they would come filling the sky reminding me of the old Alfred Hitchcock movie called, “The Birds”!

108243aI have one very interesting fact to share with you as I decided to do a little research about these fascinating crows!    “They Can Remember Your Face”!!  

Researchers in Seattle performed an experiment with some crows around their college campus.  They captured seven of the birds, tagged them, then let them go.  They did this all while wearing creepy skin masks.  Now the scientists weren’t just playing out a horror movie; they were testing whether the crows could recognize human faces or not.

It turns out they can to a frightening degree.  Whenever the scientists walked around the campus with the masks on, the crows would “scold” and “dive-bomb” them.  Along with the ability to recognize the researchers as individuals, the crows were holding a grudge.

This test was repeated with multiple people wearing multiple masks, and without fail the crows left the masked men who hadn’t messed with them alone, but went crazy on the mask that had been worn while messing with them!

44608There are just a few certainties in life for the people who live in Southern Ontario communities and they are:  Winter will always come and along with it will be the thousands of crows until someone finds a solution to this phenomenon!

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  1. Laurie says:

    When the boys were young we had a home with a swimming pool. The neighbor had rescued an injured crow. When his children came to swim with us, the crow tagged along. Quite a site 😉

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  2. gc says:

    Bravo! An informative article. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you gc!


  3. Patricia says:

    LOL, Laurie! That must’ve been quite a site!!! They had a friend for life, lol!!! Thank you for sharing this story!! 🙂


  4. Amanda says:

    Sorry, I’m reading backwards. Again, love the cool photo! It’s from Chatham, isn’t it?

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  5. Patricia says:

    Yes it is! Have you been to Chatham? Thank you for visiting my site.


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